Go to SE38, provide your program name, select variant and display. Go to utilities -> transport request, provide variant name and execute, it will ask for TR. To transport a KPI tile we need a Workbench request, customizing request, and a package to carry the objects. Next step is to create the TRANSPORT REQUEST to transport the TEXT. Search for additional results. In popup window choose Object List from Request if you want to move all object from specific transport This can be done using T-Code: SE09. To include objects in transport of copies click on Include Object button: Step 8. To create Transport request, you have to click on CREATE button at the top. Visit SAP Support Portal's SAP Notes and KBA Search. Step 1: Go to the Tcode SE09 and click on the display icon. Transport Request is generated in following scenarios: Customizing Request - When doing or changing some customization. Enter the transport request id and click on enter. About this page This is a preview of a SAP Knowledge Base Article. This will open a new window where you can save the TEXT. Steps: 1- Go to SE37, give FM name TR_INSERT_REQUEST_WITH_TASKS By Ashish Trivedi, Infosys. So I am describing the FM. Create Transport Request using Function Module. We get a dialog box to Create Request as shown in the figure below: Give the Short Description as shown above. Click on “Create Request” as shown in the above figure. Hub Environment: For Hub Environment system, we need to create transport requests in frontend system and backend system. Go to Home screen and run T-Code SE09. b) Create a new transport request (transaction SE09) in the source client (000) of your Solution Manager system. Double click on the task and go inside the task. This tutorial explains how to transport the table entries across the client. Eg Generating new Table, making changes in access sequence, ABAP development, etc. We have given “-Transport request for roles ZTEST_ROLE1,2,3”. WorkBench Request - When configuration is cross-client. How to Transport a Request, You will transport from DEV to QA and then QA to PROD. Unpack the file Piecelist_Service_Desk_Init.zip from the attachment to this note. Copy the contents of the file Piecelist_Service_Desk_Initial.txt to the transport request. Click more to access the full version on SAP ONE Support launchpad (Login required). Introduction: There is one function module provided by SAP to create transport request with task. We need to create a transport request of type “Transport of Copies” to serve this purpose To create the same, Go to SAP transaction SE01 à Create Request à select Transport of Copies Click on Green Check Mark in the above screen. May be many persons are not aware of it. Click on Save button to create a new transport request: Step 6. Click on Save. In change mode write the following entry in the request and press enter. In next window, pass the Text Name -> Click on CREATE Push Button. Method2 to transport variant in SAP . Creating Transport Request for Roles (DEV -> QAS -> PRD) Create the transport request -TR Step 1: In "PFCG", verify the “Role” name that will be use to create the transport package (TR) is correct and click the “Transport” icon Now you will see the new transport of copies in requests tree. Since roles are client specific data, the request type is Customizing Request. Click on transport number: Step 7. ← Previous Tutorial;